We are The Mission Haiti, a non-profit scholarship program opening the door of education for children in Haiti. 

Since 2010, our sponsors
have provided 4,457 
scholarships to children
without access to education.

There are more than 400,000 children in Haiti who have never attended school. 

Of those children who do attend school, more than 60% will be forced to drop out by 6th grade. The cost of consistent education is simply far more than most families can bear.

Why Haiti?


What we do

We are a  501c3 
scholarship program, 

 providing   over 1,000 students

in Haiti    with the chance to

start school and stay in school 

each year.

A once a year, $175 scholarship will provide a student in Haiti with everything they need to be successful during the school year. This includes tuition at the school of their choice, school shoes, uniforms, and other school fees. We are a one to one program, which means that you are  ​specifically connected to your student.  

What can your 

$175 accomplish?

Our commitment: to keep the scholarship program a 100% program. This means that every penny of every scholarship goes directly to work in Haiti - no cuts for overhead, administration, or fundraising.


Give 100%


Give a new scholarship

  • a year of tuition at the school of your student's choice

  • two uniforms

  • school shoes

  • exam fees

Your $175 


will include: 

We currently have a list of more than 250 waiting students. Students on our waiting list are prioritized in order of need. Some have been forced out of school due to poverty or the death of a parent. Others have never attended school at all. Still others have just a few years left until graduation and are praying for a chance to beat the odds. If you provide a new scholarship, we will send you a picture and information on your student after they are all set up for the school year!

"My scholarship changed my life.

My parents always wanted me to go to school, but it was so expensive! Many years I started school, but I would always have to quit because they couldn't afford the payments. Then when I was 12, someone gave me a scholarship. I never missed school after that! Today I am a graduate and am working toward accomplishing my goals and helping my family."

- Gabriel, age 23

Renew your


Did you

provide a


in 2018?

If you provided a scholarship for a student during the 2018-2019 school year, you can renew your same student's scholarship for the 2019-2020 school year. Use the link in your student's end of the school year update or click here to renew your scholarship. 


"I can read!

No one in my family has ever gone to school before. I didn't start kindergarten until I was 15. I used to watch other kids go to school and imagine what it would be like to be them. My sponsor made my dream come true! Now I can read. I am the first person in my family to read. My mom is so happy and so am I."

- Cherline, age 17

The following organizations provided tremendous help to children and families during 2019. We appreciate you!

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Charity Remington holds a doctorate in strategic foresight and currently serves as the executive director of The Mission Haiti. She is also the...director at The Center for Leadership Research and Action, where she
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