• I don’t think I received an update. 

If you provided a scholarship for last school year and haven’t seen your update, reply to this email and we will send it again with joy! Sometimes emails go to spam, go to an old email, or just never arrive despite being sent. You can always let us know if you think you should have received one. We want you to know the difference that you have made! If we have already discussed why your update hasn’t arrived yet, don’t worry, it is still coming. Haiti is a difficult and complex place and these children live complicated lives. Every year we have a few more intricate cases, but rest assured, we will get your update to you!

We truly appreciate each and everyone of you! We never mind questions and love hearing from you.                                                    


Frequently Asked Questions

  • I'm not sure if I renewed my scholarship or not. What do I do?

        No problem! Just reply to your email or text Charity

        (863-243-8541) and we will check for you!

  •  I really want to be sure you remember I asked for more time or have a payment plan for my child.

        Absolutely! Because each child has a unique sponsor, we

        keep a running file for each one. If you talked with us about your               student's scholarship already, never fear, we will make sure they             are all set!

  • I provided a scholarship for the upcoming school year in January, February, March, April, May, etc. Do I need to pay again? Should I have received an update?                                                       

        If you provided a scholarship for the upcoming school year, your             child is all set! We will send you an update after school begins with        a picture of your new student in their uniform or with the books                you provided. You are going to love it!

  • I provided a scholarship for a waiting list student. When will I hear who I sponsored?                                                      

        Soon! We are working hard to get everyone ready for school. As a           small, volunteer organization, we have to work in phases. As soon           as we get all of these amazing kids settled in school, we will be in             touch with you. We can't wait!

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